Who is vivi nevo dating

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Who is vivi nevo dating

In Hollywood, one's got to keep up with the ceaseless tide of status symbols.When it comes to the changing face of desirable mogul mates, for many top-tier male-society aspirants and/or men of the Jewish persuasion, the shiksa (aka WASP-y blond) preceded all of the others.Property records show Mister less than 1,000 feet as the crow flies from The Getty Center, in February of 2000 for ,900,000 and recently listed the residence with an asking price of ,095,000.The tax man’s records show the single story contemporary measures 4,771 square feet while listing information states it’s in the neighborhood of 5,600 square feet and includes 5 bedrooms and 4.5 -sac with walls, gates and hedges that run across the street frontage.And many people, including even some of his close friends — have no idea what his background is or how exactly he made his fortune.Supposedly Nevo is a “self-made” billionaire who only started off with million from an inheritance from his mother…

They supposedly shower and change their underwear every day.

They are supposedly considerate to women, romantic, and good in bed.

Western men are thought to be well-educated, easy-going, humorous, polite, confident and independent.

Give me million and I’m sure I could do pretty well with it… I have heard and read that a lot of mainland Chinese (as well as my Taiwanese cousin) do not consider Zhang Ziyi to be that extraordinarily attractive or pretty.

To be honest, beyond “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Ziyi’s movies haven’t been nearly as iconic with Memoirs of a Geisha or House of Flying Daggers probably being her next most well known role, at least to American audiences (she was in Rush Hour 2, but had a limited speaking role).

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Aviv 'Vivi' Nevo is an Israeli-American venture capitalist and major shareholder in Time Warner.

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