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MOSCOW, July 25— A Russian astronaut, Svetlana Savitskaya, became the first woman to walk in space today, the Tass press agency reported. Leetsma, are to venture outside the space shuttle Challenger to demonstrate techniques for orbital refueling. Miss Savitskaya, who was accompanied on her walk by the mission commander, Vladimir Dzhanibekov, is also the first woman to make two space flights. The first was Valentina Tereshkova, who orbited Earth in 1963.Miss Savitskaya, who is 36 years old, performed welding and soldering operations in the course of her historic excursion in space, which lasted 3 hours and 35 minutes, Tass said. Miss Savitskaya went into space July 18 along with Mr.The spaceship hurtled to the ground from four miles up.It is likely that Colonel Komarov was killed instantly on impact.

Laika died within hours from overheating, possibly caused by a failure of the central R-7 sustainer to separate from the payload.Later, several American space shuttles docked with the Soviet space station Mir, which remained in orbit after the Soviet Union fell. The agreement marked a softening of political tensions between the two nations, but formidable engineering tasks lay ahead.In 1975, the docking between Soviet and American spacecraft was an engineering triumph. Today, the two countries work together routinely on International Space Station research and maintenance. On this date, Soviets and Americans accomplished the first joint space docking between two nations in the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project.It marked the cooling of a long era of tense relations between the two world superpowers.

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The head of the US space programme, James Webb, called for greater cooperation in space exploration.

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