Online dating tips men first email

Posted by / 24-Sep-2017 17:00

Want to email that cute guy, but don’t know what to say? So you're browsing on an online dating site and you've found a handful of interesting guys you wouldn't mind knowing better.

You’d never hit on a guy at a bar by walking up to him and telling him that he’s cute, he seems nice, and that you’d like to buy him a drink.

Many women tell me they’re tired of waiting for men to email them online.

One of my best online dating tips suggests not waiting at all!

Here are seven facts that support why women should ditch the passive behavior online. The men I coach and speak with are burnt out from online dating.

They do not want a long process and they get disillusioned with the time it takes to get a response from a woman.

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Without the initial contact, how could he know you might be interested in him?

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