Invalidating cache line

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It's about understanding how the underlying hardware operates and programming in a way that works with that, not against it.

We get a number of comments and questions about the mysterious cache line padding in the Ring Buffer, and I referred to it in the last post.

In addition, you cannot invalidate objects that are served by an RTMP distribution.

You can submit a specified number of invalidation paths each month for free.

If you want to invalidate selected objects but your users don't necessarily access every object on your origin, you can determine which objects viewers have requested from Cloud Front and invalidate only those objects.

TLBs are small (maybe 64 entries), fully-associative caches for page table entries.

If we translate before we go to the cache, we have a "". We must flush the cache on a context switch to avoid "aliasing".

If a thread reads data not present in any cache, it will fetch the line into its cache in exclusive state (E): If a thread reads from a cache line that is in exclusive state (E) in another thread's cache, it fetches the cache line to its cache in shared state (S) and downgrades the cache line to shared state (S) in the other cache: If a thread reads from a cache line that is in modified state (M) in another thread's cache, the other cache must first write-back its modified version of the cache line and downgrade it to shared state (S).

Important You can invalidate most types of objects that are served by a web distribution, but you cannot invalidate media files in the Microsoft Smooth Streaming format when you have enabled Smooth Streaming for the corresponding cache behavior.

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Evictions of a dirty cacheline cause a write to memory.

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