Holocene radiometric dating

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Holocene radiometric dating

Senior Lecturer, then Reader, in Environmental Science (Geochemistry), University of Sussex, 2004 – 2006.

Lecturer in Environmental Science (Geochemistry), University of Sussex, 2000 – 2004.

In his work on biology, he avoided the effort to treat biological entities by the use of rigid formal logic, and, though he made some inevitable errors in fact, his pragmatic approach has served as a model for biological observation ever since.

From long before the time of the ancient Greeks, human beings were generally recognized as members of the animal world.

Lecturer in Physical Geography and Earth Sciences, Brunel University, 1995 – 1999. Project: Tectonics and Late Quaternary sea level change in Eastern Sicily, 1994 – 1995. The core inventories of both fallout radionuclides are an order of magnitude higher than that which can be supported by the direct atmospheric flux at this latitude.The elevated values may be explained by fallout onto the catchment during the winter being delivered directly to the lakes during the annual thaw.High mountain natural archives as glaciers, lakes, fens and solifluction lobes provide useful tools for the understanding of paleoclimate variability at higher altitudes. Our research focuses on the reconstruction of Late Glacial and Holocene changes of alpine environments in Sierra Nevada, the southernmost range of the Iberian Peninsula and European continent.

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