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Havana illinois dating

Geologic observations on planets are interpreted in the context of processes deciphered from Earth, while indigenous communities have embedded in their cultures and languages viewpoints forged from a strong sense of place.

Theres a subtle sense of reverence for being on the very ground my distant ancestors once walked.

2200-1800 YBP) located in an IDOT roadside park adjacent to US 34, was also subjected to non-invasive remote sensing surveys (magnetometer, soil resistivity, and magnetic susceptibility) to get a better understanding of the composition of these earthen mortuary features and their integrity.

In addition, a number of local residents and collectors have also been kind enough to share their personal collections with ISAS to help us better understand the culture history of this poorly known but important region.

Vandalia Jacksonville, IL 62650 (217) 243-9491 In January 2017, WIFS personnel began an archaeological survey of three alignment alternatives that are being considered to upgrade US 34 from a two-lane to a four-lane limited access highway.

Earlier IDOT studies of this bottomland area demonstrate that it has high potential for encountering significant near-surface and buried archaeological sites. Nevertheless, some of these landforms clearly were available for human occupation even earlier than this and were used throughout prehistory.

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