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And when Stephanie was asked whether she’d had a moment of thinking she’d found the one during filming, she sheepishly said yes – before THIS adorable moment happened: Ooooh la la…could we be in for a twist at the end of the series?And Twitter was VERY excited about their ‘After watching that on this morning, Joey and Stephanie are 100% a thing!Bieber is trying to rebuild his image and getting involved with a pretty, young and wildly popular singer would only boost his popularity.After breaking up with Sean, licking donuts and hating America, Ari's new rebellious streak is in full effect, and he's still kind of a "bad boy." In a manner of speaking, anyway. Are these two hooking up on the sly and if so, would they make a cute couple or an absolutely disastrous duo? He saw an opportunity to help these couples by creating a full-fledged business. Contrary to what the "moral police" in India want, the founders of Stay Uncle are trying to make India a place where everyone is free to make their own personal choices."I prefer living in a society wherein people are doing what they want so it creates a whole kind of happy ecosystem," Sethi told Seeker.

” Iqbal was ashamed that she kept her 3-month old relationship a secret.

Whether or not Justin Bieber groping Ariana led to her split with Big Sean (he says it was staged to hurt him after the fact), they are close. A bit of a stretch to assume he's dating Grande based on this?

Grande jumped on the bandwagon and posted her own picture marking the number of days to go ... "Yes I have heard it and yes it is fantastic," she said, implying she and Bieber have been hanging out or even collaborating on the tune.

They make it clear that reps for both parties have repeatedly denied any romance between the two stars, saying the ‘cozy dinner' they were seen having together at the Manor Hotel in Los Angeles last fall was just like…a chill hang out or whatever.

According to an “They spent three hours laughing and joking.

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