Dating sites were recently sued for massive fraud

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Shahriar Jabbari sued Wells Fargo last year, according to the , after seven accounts were created in his name and without his consent.Monthly fees associated with those accounts were assessed, which resulted in unpaid overage charges that were then reported to financial institutions as unpaid debts. Jabbari ended up being chased by debt collectors for debts he had not agreed to incur.Wells Fargo is facing a fine of 5 million courtesy of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.For the past five years, thousands of Wells Fargo employees collectively participated in a scam to systemically defraud and abuse its customers.

It’s only in the last week that details have emerged.

"Somebody's daughter, niece, sister, friend..." This phrase has been running in my head for thirteen days now and is my motivation for writing this article.

I know what I experienced is not an isolated incident.

Bank employees created new accounts for customers using fake email addresses, issued credit cards without customer consent, and set up sham accounts.

In many cases, customers only became aware of the scheme when they received credit or debit cards they hadn’t applied for, or were hit by overage charges on an account they didn’t know existed. This strategy has been widely described as key to the bank’s success and a major component of its earning strategy.

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