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Basically, I was working then fell ill in Nov 2011 and my claim started 28/11/2011.

I made a claim for ESA in Nov 2011 and since then these have been my payments 3rd Feb £327.86 DWP EESA 3rd Feb £327.86 DWP EESA 20th Feb £135 DWP EESA 6th March £135 DWP EESA 19th March £135 DWP EESA 2nd April £135 DWP EESA 5th April £152 DWP EESA 16th April £204 DWP EESA 30th April £252 DWP EESA 14th may £210.10 DWP EESA I was put into the support group in 31/03/2012.

Secondly - almost everyone is turned down by default the first time they apply. In theory Dyspraxia could entitle you to LRC if you cannot cook a meal from scratch by yourself (microwave meals don't count).

It could also entitle you to LRM if you need someone to take you to unfamiliar places because you can't follow directions, read a map, tell left from right, need help crossing roads etc.

Thanks, since I was put into the support group I havent had any letters about any premiums?

It is only possible for current DLA claimants to voluntarily claim PIP if they live in a transfer area.

It is important to remember that the DWP still has the to invite any eligible DLA claimant to claim PIP, wherever s/he lives.3 The only groups completely excluded from the transfer are under 16s, and those who reached 65 before 8 April 2013.4 It is particularly important to be aware of this, given the confusion and conflicting information given to some claimants.

I am confused now and I have to wait till next week to find out why unless anyone might know? Just got another bank statement today and over the last 4 weeks there have been two payments into my account £204 and then two weeks later £210?

gabopentin, thanks for the link but it didn't work?

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Advisers should check any letters sent to DLA claimants carefully to see whether they are in fact invitations to claim PIP, 5and check at the earliest possible stage if expected DLA renewal forms have not materialised.

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