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The Ottumwa teen spent time in juvenile detention and then county jail as delays set the trial back two years, Ottumwa Radio reported.

He was released from jail after pleading guilty in July, though authorities ordered him to wear a GPS monitoring device.

Cedar Rapids has become the speed trap of the Midwest.

Ever since installing hidden cameras on the interstate that runs through it, Iowa’s second-largest city has been sending out tickets at an unprecedented rate, including to thousands of Minnesotans.

The 6–0 ruling found that a rule that effectively banned such abortions, adopted by the Iowa Board of Medicine in 2013, violated the Iowa constitution and was not based on medical evidence.

"The telemedicine rule would make it more challenging for many women who wish to exercise their constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy to do so," the court wrote."This was a major victory for women of Iowa and reproductive rights," Suzanna da Baca, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, said on a conference call with reporters.

“If there were signs saying the technology was in place, I certainly didn’t see them.” Peterson received two letters from the city of Cedar Rapids on the same day. In 2010, Cedar Rapids installed four sets of cameras on Interstate 380.

Inside each was a photo of his Hyundai Sonata and an order to pay a civil fine of . Over a 20-month period in 20, Cedar Rapids cited more than 160,000 motorists for speeding on the interstate through town, including 16,537 from Minnesota.

Fans who would like to get a glimpse of the Kinnick Stadium turf removal and installation can watch the live webcam on

22, 2010, photo, a doctor (foreground) in Des Moines, Iowa, and a nurse in a clinic in another city, demonstrate a telemedicine program with which Planned Parenthood of the Heartland clinic doctors can remotely prescribe abortion-inducing drugs.

The Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday that Planned Parenthood can keep administering telemedical abortions to women in Iowa, a victory for reproductive right advocates that could inspire other states to begin offering such abortions.

Darrell Peterson, of Savage, got nailed twice in one day last August, when he and his wife dropped their kids off with grandparents.

“It was literally a half hour apart,” Peterson said. My issue is with the enforcement methodology.” Iowa is the only state where cities post speed cameras on interstates, and no Iowa town has embraced photo enforcement of its expressway speed limit as wholeheartedly as Cedar Rapids, a city of 128,000 halfway between the Twin Cities and St. But the system is under fire from Iowa transportation officials, who question the safety rationale behind it.

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The webcam is live and will be active throughout the process. Wherever you go in the state, across the country, or throughout the world, when you wear the logo on your shirt, a friendly 'GO HAWKS' shout is inevitable," said , UI director of athletics.