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Dec 18: Those amazing legs of Jennifer Scarpetta are up again today. Nov 06: Today's full clip features the amazing Sarah Hayes from our summer 2010 shoot.

A lot of religious institutions, especially conservative iterations, forgo sexual education in favor of blanket statements like “Sex is impure – don’t have it until marriage.” In the United States, these types of dogmatic and outdated beliefs may be taking their toll on the faithful.

R29What I remember from the Mark and Kelly gossip...

He was always criticizing her for being too chubby during their AMC days. Marl also had an affair with the AMC actress who played the mother of his character's son.

He made derogatory comments post deliveries as well. Also, someone who worked on the Regis set said Mark would be verbally abusive to her behind the scenes.

Everyone believed he was physically abusive as well.

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