Hot girls numbers on wechat

Posted by / 09-Feb-2018 08:52

Hot girls numbers on wechat

Maybe you received a friend request from someone you don’t recognize with a lot of mutual friends.

So you accept the request thinking, well I probably met this person at some point. Facebook spammers are now creating fake user profiles to amass a large number of “friends” they can then sell to unsuspecting businesses.

To make life easier for all our We Chatters out there, we would like to introduce Voiceprint – a voice recognition system that can be used to log in to your We Chat account, available on Android and i OS.

Just like your fingerprint, your voice is unique and once you’ve enabled this cool feature, our smart systems can recognize your specific voice and intonations to verify your identity.

Fast Retailing Co., the Japanese owner of Uniqlo, is already Asia's biggest apparel company, and it's set itself the challenge of becoming the world's largest by 2020. While many retailers have scaled back expectations amid China's slowing economic growth, the company aims to open 100 stores annually in Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, until it hits 1,000; after that, it's aiming for 3,000.

I am thinking "wo keyi you shu" with the vocabulary that I do know. 电话 means phone but can also mean phone number by extension - 号码 means number as in phone number, house number, etc.

Have you received a friend request on Facebook from a hot girl you don’t recognize?

You say what the heck, I don’t know her, but she’s hot, so yeah I’ll be your friend. Take a look at the profile below, see anything strange?

"number" should be translated into "号" but not "数" here.

but that's optional here (hence the parenthesis above).

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It’s a question that clients often ask us at Nanjing Marketing Group.