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Despite being told by the girl she was 15, Hunt continued the sexually explicit chats.

Hunt arranged to meet the girl at Plumstead train station on September 14.

From dealing with periods to losing your virginity, she knows the score and she is definitely not embarrassed to talk about it. At just 25, she’s already racked up over 250,000 subscribers on her You Tube channel thanks to her weekly videos all about sex and relationships and, luckily for us, she decided to write a book about it too.

I’ve made loads of videos on different topics and written blog posts, but this was a chance to get it all down in one place.” “I think the taboo around it makes it really important, because we have to break down those barriers.

I’m just fascinated by relationships in general and how we relate to one another, and our own bodies and sex and sexuality very regularly comes up in these situations.” “Yes!

Her mother became aware of a conversation where the defendant had asked her to go to his flat in Hanley.

Read more: Woman, 45, won't face charges over death of man found collapsed in home“She said she would have to take a friend with her.

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A pervert who arranged to meet who he thought was a 15-year-old girl in Plumstead has been found guilty of grooming after being caught in an online sting.